Lord Jesus

Lord Jesus, from your infinite goodness we have received the gift to be in the Church and for the world Missionaries of You, the Supreme and Eternal Priest. We thank you wholeheartedly for this demanding and precious call, even if we suffer for our human frailty and we intimately need your grace. We strongly feel

Christ Priest

Christ Priest, You are, in your priesthood, the new covenant, definitive alliance between God and humanity. With this covenant, make us close to Father, opening everyone's access to his paternal goodness, and make us close to all the brothers and sisters, in a communion of love. We ask you to introduce us deeply into this

Mary, first collaborator of Christ the priest

Maria, first collaborator of Christ the priest, you have dedicated your life to the priesthood of your Son, you have joined your maternal offer to his priestly offering. Take us on this path too in which we want to commit, like you, all our heart, all our strength. Combining our consecration to that of the

Jesus, you called us

Jesus, you called us to become missionaries of your royal priesthood; we thank you for this call and we ask you for the grace to answer you generously. We offer you all our strength, all our heart, all our life, in the prayer that unites us to you, in the action accomplished for your kingdom,

O Jesus, living in Mary

O Jesus, living in Mary, come and live in the Missionaries of your royal priesthood, in the spirit of your holiness, in the fullness of your strength, in the perfection of your ways, in the truth of your virtues, in the communion of your mysteries, rule over every adverse power, in your spirit for the

Lord Jesus, I pray you for all your priests

Lord Jesus, I pray you for all your priests: cover them in your sanctity. Let them love deeply and lovingly live their sacrifice. Make them keen to your will. Release them from the things hither. Give them the mystical peace of a luminous chastity. Make it, O Lord, that no one will pass by them

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