Lord Jesus,
from your infinite goodness we have received the gift
to be in the Church and for the world
Missionaries of You, the Supreme and Eternal Priest.
We thank you wholeheartedly
for this demanding and precious call,
even if we suffer for our human frailty
and we intimately need your grace.
We strongly feel the desire to be
prophetic testimonies of your royal priesthood
in this our world,
often distracted by too many things,
apparently fascinating, illusory and disappointing,
but still in need of you.
We need your help to let you know
as the only Savior of all
and because the many people we meet in life,
can be reached by your wonderful Heart.
We address with affection of daughters
also to your Mother,
first and precious Collaborator
of your mission in the world.
The Holy Virgin,
who has kept you in the womb
and he offered you to the world,
teach us to come out of ourselves
and to bring Christ bravely to everyone,
winning our useless sadness,
if sometimes some hearts were closed,
to always remain faithful and strong voices,
bright and charming
of the mystery of Christ the Savior,
supreme and eternal Priest.

(+ HE Mons. Gervasio Gestori on the 70th anniversary of foundation)