Let’s introduce ourselves

We answered the call to serve Christ, remaining in the daily realities in which the Father asks us to live, committing ourselves to know and to make known, in all its forms, CHRIST ETERNAL PRIEST and the gift that we receive through the Baptism: our participation in His Royal Priesthood.

We are doctors, clerks, teachers, workers, nurses: in a word, secular people, professionally engaged in every working environment.

We are active in volunteering, but also in politics and trade unions.

We live in family or alone. We mix ourself with ordinary people: we have neither uniforms nor garbs.

We have no common works: each one, according to their abilities and vocations, collaborates with existing works, civil or Church, or is active in the promotion of new activities and initiatives according to the needs of the territory.

We remain inside the world, in contact with everyday life without living in community. We are secular baptized who commit themselves to incarnate the word of the Gospel, consecrated entirely to God.

We commit ourselves through poverty, obedience and chastity to observe the evangelical advices, which become for us the privileged language for bearing witness of the Gospel. This means living according to Jesus’ style the principles of acceptance, understanding and prayer, and dedicating our time to social life.

It is a way of sharing the present in a transversal way with all the people of God and of engaging in spreading his word by announcing it with the normal daily occupations consistent with the Gospel, in union with the Catholic Church.

Our heart can thus live in fullness the consecrated life in service to God and to men.

Our strength is you, Lord