Homilies S.E. Mons. Delpini March 18, 2018

Fifth Sunday of Lent Anniversary of Ezia's death - March 18, 2018. Missionarie sacerdozio regale di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo.   Jesus, resurrection and life     1. Jesus is not where people are waiting for him. Jesus is late. Jesus is accused of being late. "If you had been here, my brother would not

Homilies S.E. Mons. Delpini 2 aprile 2017

Anniversary of the death of Ezia Fiorentino. Celebration of the fifth Sunday of Lent - 2 April 2017    A matter of life or death 1. We prefer not to think about it. There are many ways to avoid thinking about serious things. To discuss everything, to pursue every novelty and update, to be anxious

Homily S.E. Delpini March 19, 2016

Anniversary of the death of EZIA FIORENTINO March 19, 2016 The whole and its enemies 1. The commandment of the whole is a promise. Against the modern suspicion that God is intrusive, overbearing, imposing commandments to show his claims, Jesus reveals that his mission is to offer relief to the tired and oppressed. The commandments

Homily of His Excellency Mons. Mario Delpini 28 March 2015

All the heart, the whole mind, all the strength.   A time and a time There are the seasons of struggle, the days of vigor and momentum, there are the years of enthusiasm, animated by that simple passion and that carefree courage that doesn’t fear anything, doesn’t calculate fatigue, doesn’t evade danger. There are also

Homily of His Excellency Mons. Mario Delpini 22 March 2014

The prophet is despised There are no conditions. This is not the time, it’s not the right time for prophecy. People oppressed by the immediate need, by the effort to get by, by the busy selling and buying and not having enough, is not in the right mood to make room for the prophecy. The

Homily of his exellence Mons. Mario Delpini March 16, 2013

"Do not extinguish the Spirit”"It is this peaceful Christianity that is routine to constitute a true antithesis with the Christian asceticism that we should live and witness" (E. FIORENTINO, Christian Ascesis, 13).There are words that should perhaps be deleted from the Christian vocabulary." You”… “ we"These are the words that declare a distance, that want

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