Or Jesus, eternal Priest

  • that with Baptism You have given us a share in your Priesthood;
  • You who then chose us because we took deep conscience and lived it with fullness;
  • accept the gift of our life, listen to the longing of our heart.

Before all else we pray for those you call at the altar because their youth is docile to the appeal, generous, persevering; we pray for those who are already on the altar because before the people they are always and only the pure and strong witnesses of yours.

We also pray for you:
grant us to live in the immense joy of our dedication to your priestly love.

  • attentive to the misery of the men
  • sacrificed for the sanctity of your ministers
  • loyal to your Church
  • castes
  • humble and magnanimous,
  • poor in money and rich in love

to be on your long-awaited return, find faithful to the priestly anointing of our baptism. So be it.